Egghead.io and AngularJS

So, have everybody already took a look at egghead.io ?

AngularJS seems to be really interesting stuff these days.

Basically you can have a collection of JavaScript objects that you can easily filter, sort, etc.. You can have <input> which will automatically search trough them, like this:

<input ng-model="search">

<ul ng-repeat="phone in phones | filter(search)">
  <li>{{ phone.brand }}</li>

I don’t remember the exact syntax, sorry. But that’s the gist of it - no DOM manipulations, nothing. Just a templating, like you would do on server-side. And whenever the collection phones changes - the list is rebuilt. Really cool!

It was toogl.es that brought my attention to it.

Toogles is a minimal YouTube interface built as one page in AngularJS.

I mean - this app has models, routes and controllers inside of JavaScript. It works with in-page link, changes pages and works reeeeally fast.

It seems that the only problem is that you can’t be indexed with Google using that kind of technique (with routes), because Google requires that you have a static page behind the AJAX-built websites.

I think that’s going to change in the future. There is really no problem for Google to render the Javascript on server side. They even have the best browser (Chrome) and best JavaScript engine (V8) handy.

For now though you can use AngularJS for one-page rich applications (think GMail) and right now egghead.io is the best introduction I’ve seen (also donated some money to author).

It’s really cool - try it.